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Tips for cleaning hardwood floors

As we all know, cleaning is the way to ensure safety and hygiene for ourselves and our family. So, cleaning the hardwood is the way to do it. Hardwood cleaning is sometimes difficult and the cleaning process can also damage the hardwood. So we need to know the best way and the easiest way to do it.

We need to learn how to clean hardwood floors as they are essential to reduce damage and create a clean environment. Hardwood floors can easily get dirty with dirt. To do this, you simply need a mop or a vacuum cleaner and a cleaning spray. You can choose best mop for hardwood floors here. Apply your spray on the ground and mop this place. You can use two ways. These are given below.

Daily schedule

Cleaning your hardwood floor daily is the way to avoid stains and reduce permanent damage. You can sweep the dirt with a mop or microfiber cloth. This helps reduce the risk of scratches on the floors. When using a microfiber mop, you must keep it on the floor so that dirt remains in the same place. Some people use a broom but I suggest not to use it. Because it only spreads dirt around you and makes cleaning difficult.

Weekly schedule

The weekly schedule uses places where you cannot clean daily like the corners of your floor. So for this you can use a wet vacuum or a mop, click here for a list of the best vacuum cleaners.. But be careful when using them as they can easily damage your soil.

When using a vacuum cleaner, do not rush or clean it gently. The mop is easy to do. But make sure you do not put more liquid on the floor because water can easily damage the wood.

What to clean hardwood floors with certainty

There are many safe products for cleaning hardwood floors. You must choose what is best for your floor. Below, I present a product that you can use safely to clean your floors.
  • Attitude Cleaner floor surfaces for tiles and wood.
  • Aussan natural floor cleaning concentrate.
  • Earth Friendly Products Floor Cleaner.
  • Method Squirt & Mop wood floor cleaner.
You can also use homemade cleaning products such as warm water and vinegar, vegetable oil, lemon juice, olive oil, etc. They can also be used safely to clean hardwood floors.

Cleaning wood floors with steam can remove more than just surface dirt. You will evacuate the footsteps, stains and even the most persistent encrusted dirt on your wood floors.

A variety of steam cleaners are available for flooring and, although some have been marketed as specifically designed for hardwood, these statements should be viewed with great caution.

With the right product, you will lighten the finish of your wood floors by restoring their original luster without the use of potentially harmful chemical cleaners. Steam cleaning not only cleans your floors, but makes them shine like new without elbow grease!  


Rick Simpson oil, the in’s and out’s

Who looks on the internet for weed oil will also most certainly come across Rick Simpson oil. Rick Simpson oil is a type of weed oil with a high THC level. Because of the high THC level this oil is not legal. Rick Simpson is the inventor that worked at a Canadian hospital. In 1997 he fell off a ladder and bumped his head and went unconscious. This happened wen he was he was working with asbestos pipes. This room was poorly ventilated and toxic gasses were released. The nerve system of Rick Simpson was affected.

After another accident he was suffering for years. The medication Rick Simpson got were not helping at all. Even worse, the symptoms Rick got were getting worse. After a documentary he watches he saw the benefits of cannabis against pain. Rick asked his doctor to prescribe him marihuana, but his doctor refused.

In 2003 three spots appeared on Rick’s arm. He got a nasty diagnosis and decided to threat himself with cannabis. About the results of his treatment we can say dat legally it is all okay. But this should also be found on internet. His doctor refused to show that the cannabis was helping. Because it helped Rick so much; he decided to produce his own weed oil. He did this for free and gave it to 5000+ people. Since then, weed oil was becoming popular. Even some countries legalized weed oil.

Although Rick Simpson oil is illegal because of the high THC doses; we can provide you with a recipe. In several web-shops you can get CBD oil, which is in most countries legal. But the recipe to make Rick Simpson oil is as follows: for 60 grams of oil you need 500 gram weed, 6 liter solvent acid. You will also need a bucket, a rice cooker and a pan. The steps you need to take are the following:

  1. Poor the weed bucket and the solvent acid in a bucket
  2. Mix the ingredients for 3 minutes until a good mixing occurs
  3. Poor in the mix in another bucket and make sure the weed is out of the bucket
  4. Gather the solvent acids and filter the plant material with a coffee filter
  5. Use de rice cooker to let the mix damp. Put on the rice crocket and make sure it is on the lowest stand. Repeat this process until all the alcohol is out o the mix
  6. Poor everything that is left in a pan on a low fire. This process can take 2 hours
  7. After this; put the oil in a flask and it is ready to use!

Kitchen Sink Taps

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