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Charming Apron Front Kitchen Sinks

If you are looking to update your kitchen and add period elements, an apron front sink, also called a farmhouse sink, can add the perfect touch. These types of sinks often feature no interior divider and can easily hold large pots/pans and ample quantities of dishes. They are also easy to clean since there are no hidden seams or sink lips which can trap dirt and debris. If you are completely remodeling or designing a new kitchen, you can also choose an apron front sink as the foundation for the entire room.

The addition of an apron front sink can immediately add some old world charm and elegance to a modern kitchen. It can also soften the effects of more contemporary cabinets and decor and add a bit of a vintage feel to the surroundings. You shouldn't be concerned about mixing a more traditional farmhouse sink with stainless steel ovens and other appliances. Your sink can absolutely complement these more current elements and create a unique, individualized look for your kitchen.

apron front kitchen sink

Apron front kitchen sinks are available in a wide array of porcelain colors as well as in copper and a variety of stainless steel options. Copper is one of the most popular choices for this type of sink since it adds to the Old World elegance and is also strikingly original and individual. Copper always develops it's own unique patina so no two sinks will ever look alike. That's what makes copper so popular with homeowners looking to customize their kitchens. Copper can be embellished with designs or hammered to look naturally aged.

Stainless steel sinks are always a popular choice and these types of sinks are often easily available at many home improvement retail stores. There is something charmingly original about the juxtaposition of sleek stainless steel and the traditional design of a farmhouse sink. In fact, this type of apron front sink can even add a more contemporary note despite it's traditional styling and is well suited to a homeowner who wants a sleek and streamlined look.

Homeowners who wish to select from the clay or porcelain options available can opt for a fire-clay sink or ceramic coated cast iron or porcelain. Almost all of these types of farmhouse sinks are extremely heavy and well made so that they will provide you with many years of use. You can find porcelain/clay sinks in a variety of colors and finishes to suit any decor.

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