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Apron Kitchen Sink

Today, the kitchen in a home has taken on many roles with different work zones throughout. Out of these zones, the busiest area is the kitchen sink. This has led sinks to become an essential element of the kitchen’s decor. The makers of kitchen sinks have now recognized the importance of sinks as both a decorative and functional piece of the kitchen. This is why there is now a large variety of kitchen sinks to suit multiple functions and the varying needs of consumers.

A very popular kitchen sink is the apron kitchen sink, also referred to as a farmhouse sink. They have become favorites to homeowners for many reasons; including the traditional atmosphere they bring into the kitchen. Within the last ten years, the demand for this type of sink has increased greatly. The apron kitchen sink is defined as the best and most elegant decor for a kitchen. With the farmhouse feel, they have become the most favorable and liked sink for many home owners.

apron kitchen sink

Apron kitchen sinks are used often in kitchens that have a rustic or country look but are still popular in modern kitchens too. This type of sink is characterized by the front of the sink which rises above the countertop and comes out just slightly from the cabinetry. The bowl of the apron kitchen sink is very deep. This type of sink is usually wider than the typical sink and this gives the space of a double sink without having a divider in between.

Besides the very common color white, they are also available in bone, black, bisque and other colors. The sink is set apart from other types because of its design and the materials it is made from. The apron kitchen sink comes in copper, stainless steel, cast iron and vitreous china. Out of these four materials, the cast-iron sink is the most common.

Because of the growing popularity of apron kitchen sinks, there are now many more designs and options available for consumers. Manufactures are continually offering different styles, colors and materials. When there is a bigger and better selection of sinks, there is a better chance you will find the perfect sink for your own kitchen.

Reasons to use an apron kitchen sink:

1. Durability
2. Practicality
3. Easy to reach into
4. Attractive
5. Gives an antique farmhouse feel
6. Takes up less space
7. Single basin still has a lot of depth

Kitchen Sink Taps