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The Cast Iron Kitchen Sink

When you think of cast iron, your mind may immediately jump to the heavy cast iron cooking pans which last forever. There is in fact another way which you can incorporate cast iron into your kitchen if you are a fan of the material. Many sink manufacturers are now using cast iron to make sinks.

Cast iron sinks is a good option for you if you like the color black or dark colors and you do not want a black sink which is too high gloss or shiny like acrylic and porcelain sinks. Cast iron sinks are still black in color but have a muted and subdued look due to the fact that the finish is not high polish. There are also other options for cast iron sinks besides the traditional cast iron look which include different colors and finishes.

Cast iron sinks are available in natural earth tone colors but also in pretty pastel blues, oranges, and even pinks. Cast iron sinks are available in unique shapes just like any other sink, and can be made to fit round, square, and ovular spaces and even more non traditional organic shapes as well. A cast iron sink is also a great choice if you are looking for something durable. Cast iron is almost indestructible and therefore in its use as a kitchen sink, it should last for quite a while.

cast iron kitchen sink

Cast iron sinks require unique care and should not be cleaned just like a porcelain sink. There are certain things which you should not use in caring for your kitchen sink which include abrasive materials such as steel wool, or wire brushes. The best way to clean your cast iron sink without risking scratching or damaging the sink is to use a soft cloth to wipe it down after it has been used.

Not only are cast iron sinks aesthetically lovely and durable which make them a great option for your kitchen sink, but the cast iron sinks, especially the ones made by Kholer are environmentally friendly and made of recycled materials. In this day and age it is very important to be environmentally friendly and not waste materials from our earth and this is one way which you can be smart about recycling. The recycled material does not diminish the style or quality of the sink, and in this case it actually makes the choice more stylish and qualified.

Kitchen Sink Taps