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Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Farmhouse kitchen sinks have been in kitchens for over the last hundred years. It actually got its name because this style of sink was most commonly found in farm houses in the 1800 and 1900's. The history alone allows this type of sink to look right at home in a rustic designed kitchen, but because of their clean lines they fit well into contemporary styles of kitchen too. Because of the variety of materials that these sinks can be constructed from, they complement almost any type of countertop and any type of decor.

Helping to determine whether it fits best into a contemporary or rustic style depends on the type of material that is used. Farmhouse kitchen sinks can be made from any material. The more modern and contemporary sinks are made from stainless steel or granite. When these sinks were first made, they were made of cast iron. So, more vintage looks are made from cast iron or even copper. They can even be made out of more expensive stones such as soapstone or limestone. These sinks are usually carved out of a single block of natural stone.

farmhouse kitchen sink

Most farmhouse sink faucets are mounted from the wall or countertop. This is another way to bend the style to your liking. As many choices of sinks and materials, there are just as many if not more choices and styles of hardware.

Aside from their great style, farmhouse sinks are also practical. A common trait all farmhouse sinks share, regardless of the material they are made of, are deep basins. This makes for greater ease when using large pots and pans. It also helps to alleviate water overflow onto countertops and cabinets.

There are a few things to consider before purchasing a farmhouse kitchen sink. Farmhouse sinks are designed to be higher in the back and lower in the front. Although this design is what gives these sinks their great style, because of the uniqueness, custom cabinetry may be required.

Another consideration is cost. Farmhouse sinks are typically more expensive than more traditional styles. They can range from $900 to $3500, depending on type of material. The installation is also different from your average sink, so it is not an easy do it yourself project, and labor costs need to be factored in.

Whether you are overhauling your kitchen, wanting to make a few updates or just add a little style, farmhouse kitchen sinks are definitely something to consider. With all the variety and unique styles available, they fit into almost any kitchen as easily as they did a hundred years ago.

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