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Granite Kitchen Sink

Granite is a material that has been used for hundreds of years in home building materials. One of the newest kitchen ideas that homeowners’ are beginning to desire is granite sinks. If you are looking for a strong and easy-to-maintain sink for your kitchen, then a granite sink would be a great choice. Sinks that are made of granite are able to resist the wear and tear of everyday like cutting, chipping, denting and staining.

The bowls of granite sinks come in different depths. The sinks that have extra-deep bowls are great for larger pots and roasters. Depths of the sinks can range from 5” to 12”. In a granite sink, the drain placement varies and the most common place is the center. When the drain is located in the rear, there is more space in the bowl. The plumbing for the sink is set in the back giving additional space under the cabinet. Not having a rim from being installed underneath, food or debris can be wiped right into the sink. A solid countertop of manmade material, concrete or stone allow for the sink to be installed underneath.

granite kitchen sink

The popular choice of a granite kitchen sink adds glamour and beauty to the kitchen. The sink is made of ultra strong materials which make the sink basically fade proof, non-porous, long wearing, non-absorbent and scratch resistance. The best feature of the sink that buyers enjoy is that it never loses its shine. Granite kitchen sinks have larger bowls and come in many different colors. Metallic is the color in greatest demand today. Granite sinks are more expensive, but with its many benefits it is worth the money.

Benefits of a granite kitchen sink:

  1. Size is flexible. These sink are not limited to what the manufacturers have and can made any size you want.
  2. Sink accessories. Granite sinks can be made to hold colanders, cutting boards, draining racks and any faucet.
  3. Aesthetics. The counter is recessed into the counter and blends in well. It also keeps its polished look.
  4. Easy to repair chips. Corners can easily be chipped be filled in just as easily with epoxy grout and granite dust.
  5. Easy to keep clean. Small bits of food cannot get stuck in the angles and corners. The bottom of the sink is lined with a stainless steel pan for everything to drain properly. This pan also prevents staining.

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