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Kitchen Sink Faucets

Faucets for the kitchen sink come in many styles, types and colors. When replacing your existing faucet, you will have a huge selection to choose from. The most popular type is the counter mount faucet which mounts into your counter behind the kitchen sink. These are available in many styles. Some people prefer the standard three hole mount which has a faucet and two handles, one for hot and one for cold. The handles come in many decorative styles also. There are decorative round faceted handles, early American round handles with a cross in the middle and also paddle type handles. The round handles with a cross are generally used in a farmhouse type setting and the paddle type faucets are used because they are easier to turn on and off.

The faucet itself comes in a large array of designs. There is the single flow kitchen sink faucet and also one that has a shower head sprayer which can be removable from the body. This type is handy to wash vegetables, spray off dishes and makes cleaning the sink out much easier. Also popular, is a style with a separate kitchen sprayer which is smaller than the removable type, but very useful for the same tasks.

kitchen sink faucets

If you have an older antique home, it may have wall mount kitchen sink faucets. These are an actual space-saving design and are mounted on the wall behind the kitchen sink. This design leaves more space available for large pots and dishes in the sink and makes filling pots and clean up easier. This is the classic style of kitchen faucets, and is usually desired by professional chefs around the world for their ease of use. Most often this type will have the paddle type handles for ease of use when your hands are wet and the round handles would be hard to grip. The most popular style of these kitchen sink faucets have a goose-neck which directs the water in a downward angle.

Lastly, there are many finishes to choose from when installing a new faucet in the kitchen. Many homeowners choose the same finish that is on the hardware on their kitchen cabinets to give a completed look to the kitchen and pull the same design together. Others may choose to match their kitchen appliances, especially if they are stainless steel. The basic finishes are chrome finish, which matches stainless steel, and brushed copper, which matches many kitchen cabinet hardware patterns. Also available, are the popular styles of rubbed bronze and satin nickel to choose from.

Kitchen Sink Taps