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Small Kitchen Sinks

Small kitchen sinks are mainly purchased for small kitchens. Although, there are other kitchens that may do just fine with a small sink. It just may be a little harder to find a small kitchen sink that you will like. You need one to fit the design of your kitchen. There are so many kinds of sinks to choose from. There are stainless steel, porcelain, acrylic, or solid-surface types. Depending on the decor of your kitchen, you may need contemporary, eclectic, traditional, French country, Asian or rustic. The solid surfaces can work with any type of kitchen decor.

If you have a dishwasher, you really won't need the compact two-bowl type of sink. If you love to cook, you'll probably need the two-bowl type, one side to prepare in and the other side to clean it up. An extremely small kitchen could do well with a kitchen sink in the corner. This could be a round-bowl sink. Having this small sink in the corner will open up more counter space for you. There are also the double bowl, stainless steel model that could be used in the corner.

small kitchen sink

A small kitchen sink can be arranged in several different ways. It could be under-mounted, top-mounted and flush-mounted. This would depend on the material of the sink and the space on the counter top.

Some examples of attractive small kitchen sinks are a stainless steel single bowl topmount sink, an apron front undermount or drop-on double bowl sink, a drop-in kitchen sink and stainless steel strainer, a stainless steel round drop-in bar sink and a stainless steel single bowl undermount sink. A ceramic one bowl drop on design is also popular as a small sink.

The double bowl sink also comes in an undermount with one bowl large and the other one smaller. This is becoming a popular type of a small kitchen sink. Also, there is a granite large and small double bowl sink that is flush with the counter. An undermount small semi-square, or rectangular stainless steel model can be used in a very small kitchen.

Used not only for a small kitchen, but as a small additional sink in a larger kitchen, would be a small bar prep sink. It's just an extra sink that would be handy for food preparation. By having this as a separate sink, the food wouldn't get mixed up with the other preparations in the other sink.

Kitchen Sink Taps